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Uniquely You- Custom and Bespoke Pieces

Posted by Passion8 on Nov 8, 2017 9:00:00 AM

The design and creation of bespoke jewellery is about more than creating a statement piece, it should be the process of defining something that is representative of your individuality.

A great custom piece should demonstrate quality workmanship, a design that has been perfected for you, and as a result it should be more than unique. It should have a quality about it that transcends other pieces of jewellery. Whether it has a subtlety all of its own, or stands out as a bold challenge to the world, nobody should be able to deny that when they describe your bespoke piece, they are describing you.

The Passion8 Custom Design Service is about consolidating your ideas into a perfect mix of design aesthetic and practical wearability that is unique to you.

Here is the pathway to your own bespoke diamond ring.

First, we work with you to choose the stone. Of course, you don't want to decide on a stone and then be forced to build the design around the diamond at the expense of your own vision. So, rather than picking a stone from a lineup, your consultant will talk with you about the types of stones and the various settings that could potentially work well for them. In addition, they will discuss with you the carat, clarity, colour and most importantly, the cut.  Through this, you will begin to more clearly define what your ring will end up looking like.

Now the fun part, which is also the hard part.

Working with your consultant, you will design your perfect ring. You will bring along cuttings from magazines, pictures you have drawn on napkins, catalogues and your own ideas as to exactly what you want. Your Passion8 consultant will work with you to consolidate those ideas into a design that is ideally suited to you.

Custom jewellery is a product like no other. To wear a piece that nobody has worn before and that has been designed with you in mind is something that a vast majority of people will never experience.

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