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Statement Piece Engagement Rings

Posted by Passion8 on Dec 8, 2017 2:50:12 PM

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When choosing an engagement ring, you may be looking for a bold statement piece that will be instantly recognisable as something special. After all, conservative and traditional isn't for everyone, and if your partner is someone who loves to push boundaries, doesn't like conforming to social norms or is simply fashion forward, then a statement piece may be perfect for them.

What is a statement piece?


In the context of an engagement ring, a statement piece is something that stands out, either through accentuating a particular feature, or adding a non-traditional element. Examples of statement pieces include:


– An extra thick band with unique detailing

– A unique and rare coloured diamond

– Unusual mounting of the stone which gives it excessive height

– Additional stones on the band

– A particularly large stone, made the focal point through design

– Coloured gem stone accomplished by diamonds


The overall effect will impact not only the wearer, but also anyone who sees it. People are used to particular types of engagement rings - of course, there are plenty of different styles, but they all tend to fit into the overarching category of, "engagement rings.”

A statement piece doesn't fit into any category, and so the reaction from those who see it as often just as unique as the ring itself.


"I've…never seen anything quite like that.”

"It's something special."

"How did you choose it?"


Of course, this is one of the points of having a statement piece – evoking a different reaction than what is considered to be normal. Considering these reactions may also be a good way to determine whether your partner would be the type of person who would like a statement piece.

Because this is an engagement ring, you also need to take into consideration how your partner will wear it. Just because the idea of a diamond mounted high on an ornate band seems to be a good one, doesn't mean it's a smart move. Think realistically about your partner's lifestyle – do they have an occupation or hobby that could mean the ring could get caught on things? Do the rings they wear at the moment tend to get scratched? Do their hands get dirty during their daily activities? 

An engagement ring is for life, and you don't want it to get damaged because it doesn't fit with your partner's lifestyle. If they tend to get dirty hands, dirt can end up getting caught under ornate fittings. You don't want to make the effort to have detailed etchings put on the band if it is likely to get unintentionally scratched. And a diamond ring that gets constantly caught on things won't get worn – and that's a terrible waste.

Engagement rings have to bridge the challenging divide between beauty and practicality. Statement pieces allow the expression of individuality and the primary goal of an engagement ring is to give the person you love something special that they can wear for the rest of their lives. Just make sure you are allowing them to make the right statement – both from a beauty and practicality point of view.



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