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Why Cut Matters More in Choosing a Diamond

Posted by Passion8 on Nov 7, 2017 12:05:00 PM



The 4 C’s - Clarity, Colour, Carat and Cut.

If you’re buying a diamond you’ve had these words thrown at you verbally and in the form of emails and brochures that explain what to look for and how to look for it.

 The thing is, if you have to look too closely, then what’s the point? After all, you’re not a diamond expert, and neither are a majority of the people you will ever meet. So, what should you focus on in order to find a diamond that looks perfect and makes people shield their eyes when it catches the light? In other words,

What is the most important of the 4 C’s? Cut is the reason a great stone looks spectacular. A diamond with good clarity but a poor cut will appear dull, but an average clarity stone with a good cut will still achieve an incredible sparkle.

 A good cut has three attributes:

  • The light that is reflected from the diamond – Brilliance
  • The way in which that light appears as flashes of colour – Fire
  • The intensity of the sparkle when a diamond moves – Scintillation

You will have noticed that these are also the measures that most people use to ascertain the quality of a diamond. They don’t ask about the carat or the colour, diamonds are judged visually and when people look at a diamond they instinctively move it to see how it responds to the light. Compliments are paid based on brilliance, fire and scintillation, even though the one paying the compliment most likely doesn’t know what the terms mean –

 “Look how it sparkles in the sun!”

“I can’t believe how it catches the light.”

“Look, the sparkle is hitting the wall over there.”

 So, a good stone will look great if cut well, but at Passion8 we find great stones, and use our perfectly symmetrical 58 facet cut to create something spectacular.

Here’s how it works; assuming a stone gets through our rigorous requirements (only 1% of the world’s diamonds tick all the boxes needed to become one of our diamonds) we begin a cutting process like no other.

Using the perfect art of mathematics, we create eight perfect hearts and eight perfect arrows within the stone. 


This means that light goes in the stone and back out the top and therefore it appears 2-3 shades whiter and brighter than other diamonds, which loses the light through the bottom of the stone.

So why doesn’t everyone select and cut their diamonds this way? Because our process takes up to 5 times longer and can mean a loss of up to 10% more rough diamond during cutting. It’s not cost effective but it means that the final result, the diamond you own, isn’t just good, it’s a unique and amazing piece. We treat our diamonds as pieces of art, taking the time to get the most from them. A painter doesn’t aim to use less paint in order to save money, and certainly doesn’t speed through a landscape or portrait quickly at the expense of quality.

 After all, an artist’s reputation is based on the quality of their work and we feel the same way. By choosing only the best stones, and optimising their natural attributes through cut, we can present you with a diamond that is the brightest you will ever see.


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